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[sh_users clr_title=”What some of our users are saying”][sh_user clr_title=”What some of our users are saying” name=”Shilah Melillo, Newport Beach, California” designation=”Managing Director” desc=”Pastor Mike is not just a preacher; he is so down to earth and genuine! He makes everyone feel comfortably welcome, and everyone feel loved and feel equally important. God definitely works through him to touch many people. Thank you Pastor Mike!”][sh_user clr_title=”What some of our users are saying” name=”Suffolk County, Long Island” designation=”Managing Director” desc=”With a grateful heart, I want to thank Palm Harvest Church for your blessings on my life. I submitted my prayer request using the Palm Harvest App; which I found on Spotify. Pastor Mike and his team reached out to me and lifted me in prayer.
Praise be to God, He answered and I am healed. Today, I continue to listen over and over again to the Prayer and Meditation Podcast.
I have learned so much about God’s Word, but more importantly, I have learned that meditation is a wonderful way to abide in God’s presence.”][/sh_users]


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